Alexandra Stenberg (b. 1999) is an emerging neurodivergent Swedish/Bulgarian artist based in London. Her dynamic practice revolves around themes of wellbeing and mental health, explored through a diverse range of mediums. In photography, video, embroidery, collaging, and poetry, Alexandra uncovers the intricacies of these subjects, crafting a multi-dimensional dialogue that resonates on both personal and societal levels.

With her unique neurodivergent perspective, Alexandra's art gains an added layer of depth and introspection. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences, she engages with the complexities of mental health and repressed emotions, translating them into visual and textual narratives that invite viewers into her world.

Among her accomplishments, Alexandra's work has been featured in VideoInsight Foundation. Her ability to seamlessly weave her personal journey with broader conversations about mental health underscores her role as an artist of both skill and substance.

As Alexandra continues to explore new mediums and push the boundaries of artistic expression, her work remains a testament to the power of creativity as a tool for healing, understanding, and connection.



2023  BA (Hons) Photography, London College of Communication, UAL


2023  Bill of Health, Central Saint Martins, London, UK
2023  Through Our Senses, Central Saint Martins, London, UK
2022  Love Bombing/GasLighting, VideoInsight Foundation, Turin, Italy
2022  Tendrils, Queer Youth Art Collective, Queercirlce, London, UK
2021  Lacuna, Burgh House, London, UK

Screenings 2023  True Self Film Fest, Volvox Observer, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Talks 2023  The Life of The Artist After Graduation: Conversation with Mirren Kessling, Katarzyna Perlak and Aliyah Hanisah, London
2023  Collectives & Collaborations: Conversation with AZEEMA MAG, Queer Youth Art Collective and Kawaii Agency, London

Humble soup, London, UK